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Recent News and Developments

In 2013 the Jesus Army appealed for victims of abuse to come forward. It is believed that around 150 cases have since been reported to them, including allegations relating to the late founder of the group, Noel Stanton

In 2015, Northamptonshire Police began "Operation Lifeboat", a JA led investigation into historic abuse within the Jesus Fellowship/ Jesus Army. Operation Lifeboat was created to invetigate cases of abuse which have been referred to the police by the Fellowship. There have been 2 prosecutions of ex-members to date.

In 2017, Mick Haines, the leader of the Fellowship admitted that the late Noel Stanton was in an “unaccountable position”, and "Noel had a flawed character", it is not yet known if there will be a full investigation into the allegations against the late Mr Stanton

In July 2017, five ‘apostolic’ leaders of the Fellowship stepped back from pastoral duties pending an investigation of their handling of the abuse allegations. Mick Haines (the senior pastor), Mike Farrant, John Campbell, Ian Callard and Huw Lewis.

In September 2017, it was reported that lawyers are representing around 40 ex-members of the Fellowship with the intention of a Civil Claim against the group

In Jesus Fellowship Survivors Association continues to work with professionals and the Fellowship trustees, supporting ex-members and bringing to light the abuses thay have suffered.

Jesus Fellowship Survivors Association

The Jesus Fellowship Survivors Association, a growing network of ex-members and services, is continuing to support and seek recompense for those affected by abuse during their time within the Fellowhship, further details and recent developments are available within their blog.

The group also maintain a number of facebook pages regarding different aspect of their ongoing work with ex-members.

Jesus Fellowship Survivors Association (website and blog)
Freedom and Truth Facebook Group
SignPost Facebook Group
Open Gates Charity Facebook Page

Operation Lifeboat : Historic Abuse Investigation

Anyone wishing to contact the Northamptonshire Police investigation into historic physical and sexual abuse within the JA, can call 101 (full number 03000 111 222) and ask for the "Operation Lifeboat" team. Or call the 24-hour helpline run by the sexual assault referral centre, Serenity, on 01604 601713.

Civil Claims Case

Anyone wishing to contact the Lawyers representing the Civil claims case can visit their websites directly

Switalskis Solicitors
Robson Shaw

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Recent Archive Additions

24/04/2018 : Former member of Northamptonshires Jesus Army member jailed for historic sex offences

18/09/2017 : At least 40 people planning to sue Northamptonshire's Jesus Army over historic abuse claims

18/09/2017 : SPECIAL REPORT: Alleged victim of historic abuse reveals traumatic childhood growing up in Jesus Army

18/09/2017 : SPECIAL REPORT: Northamptonshire Police lost files relating to suspicious death of Jesus Army member

06/07/2017 : Jesus Army leaders in Northamptonshire step down after complaints over handling over abuse claims

08/06/2017 : Corporal punishment complaints at Northampton’s Jesus Army were not followed up... because it wasn’t illegal in the 70s and 80s

11/05/2017 : Sexual and financial abuse claims made against founder of the Jesus Army in Northampton

11/05/2017 : JESUS ARMY INQUIRY: Northamptonshire review board is not ruling out probe at a later date

28/03/2017 : Jesus Army sex offender sentenced for string of indecent acts directed at children in Northamptonshire

20/01/2017 : Tributes paid to church helper killed in road tragedy in Stourbridge

29/07/2016 : DWP forced to reveal vast list of firms using benefit claimants for unpaid work after 4-year legal fight

30/06/2016 : Read the full list: Companies, councils and charities who used benefits claimants as unpaid labour

08/06/2016 : OAP jailed for abusing young boys at Jesus Army homes

22/09/2015 : Daventry food business fined after contractor suffered a fractured skull and broken vertebrae

27/08/2015 : Appeal for Jesus Army sexual assault victims

27/08/2015 : Police renew appeal for potential victims to come forward in Jesus Fellowship abuse investigation

20/08/2015 : Police investigating sexual and physical abuse arrest Jesus Army members

06/02/2015 : Teenage boy who "lost it" and kicked cat to death while wearing steel toe-capped boots is spared jail

05/02/2015 : Teenager spared jail for kicking cat and burning it alive while smashed on JD

03/02/2015 : Northamptonshire teenager kicked cat to death and then set fire to it after pet scratched him

28/07/2013 : Northampton White and Bishop store closes after 83 years

13/06/2013 : White and Bishop to close Northampton shop after 83 years

06/02/2012 : Neighbours raise concern about bid to build new house three inches from their home

11/11/2011 : Jesus Army's Jewellery Quarter plans thwarted by developer

07/11/2011 : Jesus Army bid for Jewellery Quarter drop-in centre set to collapse

31/10/2011 : Plans for Jewellery Quarter drop in centre for drug addicts set to be approved

29/09/2011 : News in Brief: Jesus Centre launch

23/09/2011 : Jewellery Quarter businesses unhappy at plans for Jesus Army drop-in centre

22/09/2011 : Jesus Army denies cult allegation

22/09/2011 : Fears for future of Jewellery Quarter businesses if Jesus Army move in

29/08/2011 : Jewellery Quarter Church plan stalled over anti-social behaviour claims

11/11/2010 : Afghan Christians to be deported despite death fears

11/11/2010 : Listed Brighton house taken over by Christian "cooperative"

07/05/2010 : Gardener accused of sexual assaults

15/07/2010 : Spending a penny won't cost a thing...

03/07/2010 : Paedophile tricked way into Jesus Army Fellowship

28/06/2010 : Coventry Jesus Centre celebrates 5,000 visitors

08/06/2010 : Homelessness charity pleads with Marks & Spencer to restart food deliveries

04/06/2010 : Coventry homeless hit as Marks and Spencer axes food donation

13/05/2010 : Last chance for shoplifting Keresley drug addict

12/05/2010 : Jesus Fellowship's children 'at risk of abuse'

06/07/2009 : Jesus Army man killed himself

01/06/2009 : 'Joyful' farewell for leader of Jesus Army

29/05/2009 : Musical battle in urban sunshine

23/05/2009 : Funeral of Jesus Army founder to be screened

22/05/2009 : Video link funeral for Jesus Army founder

21/05/2009 : Jesus Army tributes to founder

04/05/2009 : Ex-doorman acquitted of sex assault in Northampton

05/03/2009 : Spruce-up for centre

02/09/2008 : Youth club doorman denies sex assaults on young girls

26/03/2008 : Woman punched outside Jesus Army Centre

23/02/2007 : Julie's killer to be freed

02/08/2006 : Missing man returns thanks to travellers