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News and Updated Information !

The Updated Jesus Army Watch Resource

Welcome to Jesus Army Watch.
Last Updated : 21st September 2004

There have been plenty of changes to the Jesus Army Watch web resource since the last update 2 years ago. The menus at the top of each page will guide you through the various sections of the site and Newspaper Clippings Archive.

The Newspaper Clippings Archive has been revamped. Every article has been checked, and known errors corrected. There are an additional 30 articles added since the last update.

The commentary pages for the Newspaper Clippings Archive has also been completely rewritten, and include some of the photos we've taken over the years.

The Information section of the site has been expanded, and now includes basic information on the various Jesus Army groups.

The Links page is now within the Information section of the site, and is split into sections for easier navigation. Many of the links are new ones as a great deal of information regarding the Jesus Army has disappeared from the internet over the last 2 years ! One of the links pages focuses on stories within online News websites, many of which are not contained with the clippings archive.

Included in the archive for the first time are the first two articles relating to the murder of fellowship member Julie Clayton in 1994. Details in the Archive : Death

If you'd like to be notified by email the next time the Jesus Army Watch Archive is updated, send an email too -

News and Recent Developments

A third Jesus Centre is in the currently in the pipeline for central London, but with two religious groups aiming to secure the same building, a 'prayer siege' in under way. Details in the Archive : Jesus Centres

In September 2004, a Jesus Fellowship member, (and another woman) were jailed for trying to beat the devil out of a 6 year old using a bamboo cane, and abusing another child. Details in the Archive : Crime

Progress on the Northampton Jesus Centre is moving forward, with an opening ceremony scheduled to take place on October 30th. Details in the Archive : Jesus Centres

In 2004, four senior Elders of the New Creation Christian Community, failed in their high court appeal which argued that restriction preventing them from claiming housing benefit was a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights, and constituted 'Religious Discrimination'. Details in the Archive : Housing Benefit

Jesus Army member Anthony Newman, was murdered in his Blackpool flat, in August 2002. Details in the Archive : Death

The Jesus Army Networking News and Information ( website is taking a well earned break. Included within the JEANNI website amongst a wealth of information regarding the Jesus Army/Jesus Fellowship, are 10 full chapters from John Everett's book, 'Looking for Freedom: Fighting Madness' a personal account of how John came to join the Jesus Fellowship Community, his experiences within the group, and the events surrounding the time he decided to leave the Community.