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Recent Additions to the Press Archive


09/08/2019 : SPECIAL REPORT: Jesus Army workers facing large pensions gap because church did not pay their National Insurance

01/08/2019 : For Jesus Army, Must the Wages of Abuse Be Death?

20/07/2019 : Hundreds seek damages from the Jesus Army religious sect over claims of historic physical, sexual and emotional abuse

19/07/2019 : Jesus Army The phoney church that preyed on kids, beat them with sticks and sexually abused boys… in Northampton

19/07/2019 : Jesus Army sex scandal: The dark secrets of life in a commune

19/07/2019 : Jesus Army: shocking reports of life inside Christian cult

19/07/2019 : Ex-members of Jesus Army seek damages for alleged abuse

02/06/2019 : Jesus Army must honour compensation scheme says Northamptonshire survivor who was allegedly beaten for missing midnight worship

01/06/2019 : Leicester Jesus Centre to run independently after operator closes over child sex abuse claims

30/05/2019 : The Jesus Army church may be folding... but its centres, communes and businesses will continue

30/05/2019 : Child sex abuse victims tell of being 'fobbed off with a cup of tea and biscuits' after complaining of assaults and mistreatment at religious institutions

30/05/2019 : Shame stops children reporting abuse in religious institutions, inquiry warns

29/05/2019 : Popular Northampton theatre will not be affected by Jesus Army closure

29/05/2019 : Jesus Army will 'cease to exist'

29/05/2019 : Jesus Army churches close after child sex abuse claims

28/05/2019 : Northampton's Jesus Army votes to disband in wake of historic abuse claims

28/05/2019 : Church once known as the ‘Jesus Army’ shuts down amid hundreds of child sex abuse allegations

30/04/2019 : Jesus Fellowship property catches fire in Northamptonshire