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Recent Additions to the Press Archive

24/04/2018 : Former member of Northamptonshires Jesus Army member jailed for historic sex offences

18/09/2017 : At least 40 people planning to sue Northamptonshire's Jesus Army over historic abuse claims

18/09/2017 : SPECIAL REPORT: Alleged victim of historic abuse reveals traumatic childhood growing up in Jesus Army

18/09/2017 : SPECIAL REPORT: Northamptonshire Police lost files relating to suspicious death of Jesus Army member

06/07/2017 : Jesus Army leaders in Northamptonshire step down after complaints over handling over abuse claims

08/06/2017 : Corporal punishment complaints at Northamptonís Jesus Army were not followed up... because it wasnít illegal in the 70s and 80s

11/05/2017 : Sexual and financial abuse claims made against founder of the Jesus Army in Northampton

11/05/2017 : JESUS ARMY INQUIRY: Northamptonshire review board is not ruling out probe at a later date

28/03/2017 : Jesus Army sex offender sentenced for string of indecent acts directed at children in Northamptonshire

20/01/2017 : Tributes paid to church helper killed in road tragedy in Stourbridge

29/07/2016 : DWP forced to reveal vast list of firms using benefit claimants for unpaid work after 4-year legal fight

30/06/2016 : Read the full list: Companies, councils and charities who used benefits claimants as unpaid labour

08/06/2016 : OAP jailed for abusing young boys at Jesus Army homes

22/09/2015 : Daventry food business fined after contractor suffered a fractured skull and broken vertebrae

27/08/2015 : Appeal for Jesus Army sexual assault victims

27/08/2015 : Police renew appeal for potential victims to come forward in Jesus Fellowship abuse investigation

20/08/2015 : Police investigating sexual and physical abuse arrest Jesus Army members

06/02/2015 : Teenage boy who "lost it" and kicked cat to death while wearing steel toe-capped boots is spared jail

05/02/2015 : Teenager spared jail for kicking cat and burning it alive while smashed on JD

03/02/2015 : Northamptonshire teenager kicked cat to death and then set fire to it after pet scratched him

28/07/2013 : Northampton White and Bishop store closes after 83 years

13/06/2013 : White and Bishop to close Northampton shop after 83 years

06/02/2012 : Neighbours raise concern about bid to build new house three inches from their home

11/11/2011 : Jesus Army's Jewellery Quarter plans thwarted by developer

07/11/2011 : Jesus Army bid for Jewellery Quarter drop-in centre set to collapse

31/10/2011 : Plans for Jewellery Quarter drop in centre for drug addicts set to be approved

29/09/2011 : News in Brief: Jesus Centre launch

23/09/2011 : Jewellery Quarter businesses unhappy at plans for Jesus Army drop-in centre

22/09/2011 : Jesus Army denies cult allegation

22/09/2011 : Fears for future of Jewellery Quarter businesses if Jesus Army move in

29/08/2011 : Jewellery Quarter Church plan stalled over anti-social behaviour claims

11/11/2010 : Afghan Christians to be deported despite death fears

11/11/2010 : Listed Brighton house taken over by Christian "cooperative"

07/05/2010 : Gardener accused of sexual assaults

15/07/2010 : Spending a penny won't cost a thing...

03/07/2010 : Paedophile tricked way into Jesus Army Fellowship

28/06/2010 : Coventry Jesus Centre celebrates 5,000 visitors

08/06/2010 : Homelessness charity pleads with Marks & Spencer to restart food deliveries

04/06/2010 : Coventry homeless hit as Marks and Spencer axes food donation

13/05/2010 : Last chance for shoplifting Keresley drug addict

12/05/2010 : Jesus Fellowship's children 'at risk of abuse'

06/07/2009 : Jesus Army man killed himself

01/06/2009 : 'Joyful' farewell for leader of Jesus Army

29/05/2009 : Musical battle in urban sunshine

23/05/2009 : Funeral of Jesus Army founder to be screened

22/05/2009 : Video link funeral for Jesus Army founder

21/05/2009 : Jesus Army tributes to founder

04/05/2009 : Ex-doorman acquitted of sex assault in Northampton

05/03/2009 : Spruce-up for centre

02/09/2008 : Youth club doorman denies sex assaults on young girls

26/03/2008 : Woman punched outside Jesus Army Centre

23/02/2007 : Julie's killer to be freed

02/08/2006 : Missing man returns thanks to travellers