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Press Clipping Archive

Welcome to the Press Clipping Archive section of the Jesus Army Watch web resource.

There are currently 423 articles archived, from newspapers, magazines, journals and online sources.

Recently 8 articles have been added, to see the new additions added since the last archive update, click here.

The following sections of the website have not been updated since 2004

Articles within the archive have been sorted into the following categories for ease of research, with additional information, and links to external web resources included in addition to relevant articles in each section.

Jesus Centres : Details of the new and forthcoming Jesus Centres being set up by the 'Jesus Army Charitable Trust'.

The Business Empire : Details of the Jesus Fellowships Businesses.

Housing Benefit : Details of Housing Benefit court cases and appeals.

Recruitment and Campaigns : Details of some of the groups recruitment and street evangelism campaigns.

The Jesus Fellowships and Other Churches : How the group have faired with the Baptist Union, Evangelical Alliance, and other religious groups.

Crime : Crimes committed by, and against, members of the Fellowship.

Death : Deaths of members, and associates of the Group.

Ex-Members, Family and Leaving the Fellowship : Articles relating to those who have left the group, and concerns raised by the families of members.

New Creation Christian Community : Life inside the communes / The common purse

Property : Buildings owned by the Jesus Fellowship Charitable Trust.

Special Reports : In depth reports by publications (often including a number of articles covering various aspect of the Jesus Fellowship.)

The Jesus Army on TV : Details of television programs regarding the Jesus Fellowship.

You can also browse the entire Clippings Archive, articles are listed by publication date. Full Press Clippings Archive